Do You Remember When There Were Factories In The USA?

rowing up in Pennsylvania, many of my family and friends supported their families by  working in factories.  
They proudly created high quality products with the
"Made in USA"  labels from the skills they acquired in trade school.  Unfortunately, many jobs and trade  school programs have been eliminated due to outsourcing.
Don't you think it is time we read our labels and support "Made in USA" products to revitalize America?
So do I.

fter my first best selling book PILLOWS was published, my publisher suggested that I write a book teaching the home sewer how to make higher end handbags using a domestic sewing machine. I therefore commenced and wrote t
he CD book CELEBRITY BAGS which teaches home sewers construction methods and techniques using faux leather / vinyl.    
Please visit the HOME SEWING page for more info and how to order your copy.

After visiting high-end American designer stores, I could not find one luxury handbag that was made in the USA. 

Of all the luxury handbags I researched, I discovered one brand that is made by a French company which owns several production facilities around the world and one in California.
This French company employs American craftsman to make their bags for their USA consumers.
This truly was a happy surprise since sadly, the American companies I saw are outsourcing.

Due to my research findings, I was inspired to begin designing and creating my own luxury leather handbags.
Soon there became a great demand from many clients and celebrities for made in USA luxury leather products.
This led to the birth of the CN USA production facility.

 MADE IN USA is not just a trend, it is a sincere need to restore our American heritage, pride, and economic survival. 

The classic designs, the precise construction, and the attention to the finishing details are all in a CN luxury handbag. 

Quality and design is my passion I offer to you. 

Each CN luxury handbag takes a craftsman up to 4 days each to create.
There are no assembly line workers.  Each bag is one of a kind.
Highly skilled craftsman are individually making the finest luxury handbags in the USA today.
There is pride and longevity in a CN luxury handbag.

I select my quality leather and hardware from the USA and all over the world.
Each luxury handbag is cut and sewn in the USA and are one of a kind limited editions.
Each hide is different and unique, no two are ever the same.
This adds much more value and uniqueness to each CN luxury handbag, satisfying the most discriminating luxury handbag collector. 

When you adopt a CN luxury luxury handbag, you are helping to employ the American craftsman and keeping jobs in the USA.  

CN luxury bags prove that quality, style, and an American designer can create and produce on their home turf. 

Patriotism in every sense of the word.
The creative quality process and finished results make each CN luxury handbag the finest!

Your CN luxury handbag will last for generations to come.
The better you take care of your CN luxury handbag, the more it will increase in value over time,
just like other fine luxury products.

Please keep in mind that because each CN luxury handbag is made one at a time by an individual craftsman,
once it has been adopted, we cannot accept returns.
That leather and print may never be available again which makes your adopted CN handbag a limited edition one of a kind, 
a true quality luxury investment.

So don't wait, adopt the one you fall in love with today!  
The adoption process is simple. We take major credit cards and PayPal.

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Would you like to see how a CN luxury leather handbag is made? 
Please enjoy the video below of the making of the  Isabella style handbag.

Thank you for your support, and helping to keep American craftsman employed.
Be sure to read your labels in everything you buy, and make the right choice.

"You Deserve A CN Luxury Handbag"

Christopher Nejman



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