Leather Care


Leather is a natural skin of an animal. Natural markings add value and are a characteristic of leather, not a flaw. Over time your leather will soften and patina, a beautiful natural aging process that causes many leathers to darken.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and water.



Caring for your luxury leather handbag is essential to it's longevity.

Leather was once a natural living skin, it needs to breath. Do not use synthetic cleaning products.

Apply a natural leather cleaner to a microfiber towel to clean your luxury leather handbag.


Follow the directions of the natural leather cleaning and conditioning product.

Tandy Leather is a great resource for natural leather cleaning and conditioning products.



If for any reason you accidentally scuff your luxury leather handbag, you can apply a color matching natural leather shoe polish. 


To clean any natural oil of dirt, please use a soft cotton damp cloth and a diluted mixture of Dawn dish soap. Wipe gently to remove surface stain followed my a clean damp cotton cloth.


Take care of your luxury handbag and treat it as a fashion accessory.

Your quality crafted CN luxury handbag will grow in value over time.

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